Hi, my name is Nana and welcome to The Alpha Project, an ethnic minority youth empowerment project.

Nana pitching

Nana pitching at the Dublin Start-up Weekend in July 2015

When I was 15 years old, I watched a Social Innovation award show on television where a recipient spoke about how her initiative positively transformed her community. That was the beginning of my desire to affect positive change in the world. I later decided  to do this by getting a law degree.

While at University College Dublin (UCD) I went on a tour of the criminal court. I was in awe of the building  and listening to the cases greatly excited me. The tour ended at the Judges Lounge where a Supreme Court Judge spoke to us about his journey starting from his time at UCD. This greatly inspired me to aspire to attain excellence in my career.


During my final year at college I was a Student Ambassador and while talking to students, encouraging them to consider UCD, I noticed many students of immigrant background were not confident in getting the points needed to obtain admission.

This saddened me because their parents came to Ireland so they can get the best education in order to attain the best available careers.

In essence, the problem is one of lack of confidence to achieve aspiration among young students of immigrant background.


I came up with The Alpha Project to empower these students to attain excellent careers regardless of their  social, cultural, economic or educational background.

The Alpha Project will do this by taking these students on tours of different types of industries including:

  • Top technology companies
  • Science industry
  • Law & Politics
  • Health & Medical
  • Military & Defense
  • And more to come

While on tour, 2- 4 employees from culturally divers backgrounds will speak to them about the work they do and their  journey. This will hopefully instill the confidence in the students that if someone like these employees can attain excellence in their career, so can they.